About our club


The SAGUARO VELO BICYCLE CLUB was formed in 1986 with the express purpose of winning the El Tour de Tucson’s team award. Saguaro Velo won that year and 6 more times. Saguaro Velo also won the team award at the Tour of the Tucson Mountains 4 times. Additionally Saguaro Velo has produced several dozen United States Cycling Federation state champions. We are very proud of our performance at the local, state and national level. But we are most proud of Saguaro Velo’s commitment to and reputation for promoting some of the finest racing in the state. Annually we promote 13 races including a 5 race track series.

Cut and Dry

In the last 19 years Saguaro Velo has been an active USA Cycling club we have promoted over 80 races and raised some $20,000 for charitable organizations. The photo shown here is the club that started it all - "Cut and Dry" was the predecessor to Saguaro Velo. Doug McCaulou (1955-2002) leaning on the bike is 4th from the right.


Saguaro Velo is a USCF registered club of around 40 riders. We have a variety of skill levels in our club, but the majority can be classified as fast recreational riders. Those of us who race do so as Masters or Category 3-5. Just under 20% of our membership are women. Our weekly Saturday rides average anywhere from 16-19 mph depending on attendance and nearly all weekend rides are ‘no-drop’. We pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest clubs in town. If you are interested in learning to race, you’ll find a welcoming environment and decades of experience to support you in Saguaro Velo.


Team membership is free. In exchange for that, we expect members to volunteer at three (or more) of the races we promote every spring and summer. Volunteering commitments are usually around 2-3 hours per race. If you volunteer for three races, you get a free goodie bag, filled with a t-shirt and items from our sponsors. A variety of other benefits are available to team members, depending on our sponsors in a given year. Currently, members receive a discount at our sponsoring bike shop, Supergo. If you’d like to sign up, or just have questions, please e-mail SV Membership or call our President.


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