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Arizona Track Series

Saguaro Velo track series will be held at the San Diego Velodrome again this year. This is a low key practice series designed for both the novice and experienced track racers alike. Saturday’s practice session is free, while Saturday and Sunday’s competition is $15/day. There is track bike rental at the velodrome for $10 per day. If you are new at track riding you may ride your road bike on Saturday and compete in the time trial events (of course, you will be restricted to one gear).

Day One-Practice & Race Day TTs

NOTE new Saturday schedule: Typically, we meet at the San Diego Velodrome in Balboa Park at 1pm on Saturday. The open track practice session will now be from 1 to 3pm or so. Race registration will be from 1pm to 2pm. Racing starts at 2pm with the Time Trials. The offered Time Trials for all our dates are the 500 Meter TT, the 1000 Meter TT, the 2000 Meter TT, the 3000 Meter TT and the 4000 Meter TT.

The practice session is loosely organized. The basics of track etiquette, flying 200 meter sprint practice, and paceline are all covered during the practice session. Just let us know you are new to the track and we will be glad to help you out.

Day Two-Race day!

Registration / check-in / open track practice from 1 to 3pm on Saturday and 8 to 9am on Sunday. The competition will be time trials on Saturday and match sprint or and mass start races (see schedule below) on Sunday. We use the Flying 200 Time Trial to seed racers into the appropriate groups for Match Sprint and mass start races. In the Match Sprint Tournament you will sprint at least twice (perhaps more) and the mass start races are usually a Scratch Race, Points Race and / or Miss and Out.

Tentative Dates for 2009

May 2-3 Time trials and match sprint [Results], June 13-14 Time Trials and mass starts, July 11-12 TimeTrials and match sprint, and August 1-2 AZ Championships.

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